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covering letter inquiring for a job vacancy

covering letter inquiring for a job vacancyCovering letter inquiring for a job vacancy -Then they're only working for the money which I guess is the situation for most people.I meet at least 5 a day who have never worked, and their parents have never worked and they have no intention to, I can't blame them most of the ones I deal with are on pensions closing in on a decent retail workers wage.So in 6 months I actually have a legitimate shot at a long term job.The best thing to do is be reassessed if you have a medical condition preventing you from participating. If you took excessive sick leave even with a certificate an employer can take action including termination is you are not able to fulfill the conditions of your employment eg: you are employed to work 38 hours a week with 4 week annual leave and 12 days sick leave, therefore it is implied you will attend work each and every day except for 32 days allowed absence.Reason being people will just ring in every appointment stating they are sick.Or course it is unpaid, you are working under guidance and working along side experienced professionals.1) No I am not employed as I am restricted due to my health.I now know why golf club membership is so costly, even in winter theres a hell of a lot to do to maintain a course.This harassment and ther Bully Boy tactics has to stop!!In the end i told them to shove it, i'm not working for free because i already have experience.I haven't yet met one person who is unemployed who wants to be in that situation this so called "dole bludger" that you hear about on ACA etc ..In theory they should send a letter advising if it has been accepted, but might be easier to ask the job provider who can look it up on the system.Surely if someone is unemployed, and they legitimately have no way to afford to pay for rego, etc.because of financial hardship due to unemployment, won't that count as one of the reasons for instigating 'intervention' under Job Active to trigger a re-assessment of genuine roadblocks to finding work and enable access to targetting training and re-skilling to better suit jobs that the jobseeker can access?I used to figure that I only had to appear better than 10% of the others applying for the jobs I was going for and that the other 90% took care of themselves. A piece of paper means flap-all anyway in alot of cases My point is, don't be so quick to judge, and form some construction criticism I did through my DSP last year an online Cert 2 in business (6 months course through the Alffie site, was full time but my DSP said NO IT'S ONLY PART TIME), then hows this, with my new JSP, i got a text a few weeks ago saying we have a Cert 2 in business going in Mandurah next week are you interested?The problem is it's mostly shift work that's on call that might not work travelling up to 100km with nobody to drive you.Great theory, but there are hardly any full-time jobs out there now. I have been on Centrelink since early 2016 when I didn't have a job.Otherwise, trim the quoted passages down as much as you can.My understanding is they got fed up of people getting med certs and using other reasons for 6 months to get out of WFD, so they now effectively stop the clock whenever you can't comply for instance sickness. I just read a local story online about someone who is 30 and after "years of applying" for work (lives in a small city) finally getting a go by an employer (Ergon).They actually let it go, but i didn't get the certificate Agree. Technically speak though, i am unemployed due to being casual only and not enough work for everyone.covering letter inquiring for a job vacancyI also managed to scrape together a little money to buy my first car so I can travel to the course too... EDIT: Should also note I'm on a medical certificate at the moment due to recurring problems I developed after having surgery (part of the reason why finding work is so tough).My mutual obligation would require me to accept any job offer even if it means quitting the course whenever a job comes up.Well I'm in a bit of a bind at the moment, any of the jobs in my area that I have relevant experience for require having your own reliable transport, now I haven't had a car in 4 months due to being unable to afford large repairs on a 13 year old Mitsubishi so I sold it, also couldn't afford rego being on newstart.Somewhat fortunately I did not get any job interviews during those times (about 5 months of the 18 months I was unemployed).I'm currently on Newstart and have had no luck with job hunting.I'm turning 30 very soon so I'd only have to do 15 hours of Wft D anyway, but a friend told me he was forced off the course he wanted to do in order to go dig ditches (not sure exactly how old he is though).Once, I had a 3 week cert for an injury, when I arrived at my job providers scheduled appointment (this was under the old Job services Australia system) They said I dont need to be here as Ive got a 3 week suspension from jobsearch etc. do you have to make up the weeks when you are on medical leave? did 3 weeks , then got 2 consecutive centrelink medical certificates totalling about 5 told i have to make up 15 weeks(apparently i did 11 weeks ??I've been a 24/7 operation shiftworker for 30 yrs and I know exactly how difficult transport is when you aren't working regular office-hours jobs.For what its worth when I had no work at all, I was under the old labor Job Services Australia required to do so many hours in a course to fulfill the annual activity thing, the consultant instead of picking a course did the right thing and booked me an appointment with a TAFE course counselor, who I saw and got me into their "BREW" course, no not about beer lol, but this the course proved to be quite enjoyable and went for 6 months full time. It included a work experience component that MUST be done to get the certificate.The Deed is a public document freely available via google in work for the dole rules it says 26 weeks, which means you get 13 payments of 20 dollar for transport.Great theory, but there are hardly any full-time jobs out there now.It's not your agency's fault, they must follow the Deed set down by the Government and people cannot do WFD unless they are in that phase.Are you one of those that think we should have no government support at all?I checked it out It's the same course, with materials taken from the Alffie course! It doesnt matter what your resume says, its a requirement for your cert to do a practical component to pass the course. Nursing if only two weeks sends you off the edge, by the end of this year, I will have completed over 900hrs of placement (800 is to pass the course, but I did extra as an overseas placement). That involves hands on experience where you can learn how to perform tasks in a real time environment.I know there are lots of people who are on centrelink classed as a bludger who are desperate for a job, I was one of them 7 years ago. They don't realise how hard it is to get a job, especially if you have no contacts to help you get an interview.Naturally this is unpaid as you are not doing the work alone unsupervised.So I signed up for a 6 month TAFE course that runs for 20 hours a week.Nobody ever explained to me the "stop the clock" thing they do, which has me more worried now. I was forced into a course too, even though i already have the experience for it.Getting an actual job that will accommodate those hours is unlikely.Can job employment agencies decline you volunteering to work for the dole? covering letter inquiring for a job vacancy It's the gift that keeps giving and won't go away until you complete the hours. I'd have thought by 30 you'd be in your chosen career already or been in a job/s for a long time beforehand.Practical Placement was compulsory as part of my Tertiary course and we had to organise it ourselves – which I was able to do.A lot of these work places refuse to let you take public transport if there is in anyway in these regional areas.Have an appointment with my Jsp tommorow but don't think I'll go(there driving me Crazy with pressure), I was told over a year ago Centrelink doesn't have to accept it..I think my JSP said I had to do 25 for the course or else I have to do Wft D.It too required a 2 week work experience placement, for me it was at a golf course.When I was unemployed I had to let my vehicle rego and insurance lapse a couple of times as I couldn't afford to pay them.It even brings up the example of someone bsing about being sick.For instance, an unemployed lion tamer would only want to work in zoos and the circus.I would go 4 payments (2 months) without a payment(income above threshold for payment) but then work would slow down and I would get some benefit from Centrelink for like 1 or 2 payments (40% of full centrelink payment(I would make $300~ from work a week)), then work for pick up again and not get a Centrelink payments for 4 payments again and so on, it was up and down.If you put a lion tamer in a position of hospitality, of course they're going to say no, unless the government cuts their payments and they're on the street.ASS***** Thanx Old Bloke007They went through with there threat, Didn't fax them doctors note by 5pm, And received text at 6.35, call us ASAP as payment has been suspended, They can do something quick when it suits them. I've overheard people calling my provider to say that they were sick and couldn't make it to their appointment, and they've just rescheduled it. Yes, but this is not a job active rule – it's a DHS rule, so if you have issues, take it up with Centrelink as they are the ones who tell the provider job seekers must provide medical certificates as proof of non attendance.I often have to advocate for my clients and have read the deed so I know the rules when dealing with job providers and DHS.All the concession cards look similar now, you have to check the bottom corner to see what income support type they are getting.However, there will be extra hours involved with evening and weekend participation – probably helping out at local events as staff or something.Another time long ago I did a Bobcat and Excavator course, included as part of a general landscaping course run by the old CES.I could very easily and be true saying this that I very rarely meet a "dole bludger" who actually wants to work.What happens if your JSP made you sign a contract where you have 30 weeks, and are getting paid 15 payments of 20 dollars? Yes, but this is not a job active rule – it's a DHS rule, so if you have issues, take it up with Centrelink as they are the ones who tell the provider job seekers must provide medical certificates as proof of non Plenty of reasonable excuses but as far as sickness goes at the bottom it doesn't state they are always required.If they must provide a certificate it makes it more difficult. I am a social worker who works in the disadvantaged youth space.We were free to arrange it ourselves or the teacher could, our choice. covering letter inquiring for a job vacancy I told her what I went for and she seemed happy, but I found out last week they've retooled the course this year so it's only 20 hours.Apparently 3 months is as long as it goes for, if you're still unfit for work another medical cert needs to be submitted. Wrote The failures were for insufficient Job though I had the required amount, I rang Centrelink about my Failure and they said I was reported for making Excuses, WTF.Lodged my Centrelink medical certificate Last Monday and as usual have heard nothin back.You are quoting significantly more words than you have written.not sure where those came from : S) Correct as per my statement above. My advice would be never give them your only copy, keep one yourself because if they do cut you off, ring the Dept., lodge a complaint and send them a copy as proof also, otherwise your job network may claim they never saw a copy.I live on the central coast a regional 2 area most of the work i'll be applying for will be in remote industrial areas where public transport if any is limited.I was supposed to choose 5 places that i'd like to work at, write out applications and cover letters for them and then they would choose which one i was supposed to go to for the work.Thanx Old Bloke007They went through with there threat, Didn't fax them doctors note by 5pm, And received text at 6.35, call us ASAP as payment has been suspended, They can do something quick when it suits them.It bugs me when people think people who are not working are automatically lazy though.There is no obvious difference between a card for Newstart, DSP or AP.Or if you a have a disability and there is no suitable work for you.I did 2 weeks worth of Practical Placement way, way back in 1999 in the Admin area of a large Hospital.It is a critical component of a course as if you can't grasp the functions of the job then you can't pass the course.All your consultant is doing is enforcing that or the agency will be in the brown sticky stuff. My JSP forced me to sign up for a course, so I went with Events even though the lady first tried to push me into some kind of law-related one.At the end of the course i found out that i wouldn't get the certificate unless i did atleast 2 weeks unpaid work even though i had the experience.Don't try ringing them, the wait time is an eternity and thats once you get past the robot.I want to finish the course and preferably in the same time, have been placed in a dole position that would net me relevant work experience.I think that most "dole bludgers" do want to work, but not doing just any job.3) What's it too you anyway, if I receive any government support?In theory the work experience placement isnt so much free labour, rather you should be learning about the job rather then just doing it, they should be showing you whats involved. covering letter inquiring for a job vacancy So in 6 months I actually have a legitimate shot at a long term job. covering letter inquiring for a job vacancy

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