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pe coursework a levelPe coursework a level -Emergency Medical Response (Taken at an American Red Cross office, a 51-hour class) and current CPR for the Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross) or current Health Care Provider Level CPR card (American Heart Association).This is a weakness, but nobody can ever check whether this mistake actually happened in the match identified by the student.This description of the various perfect models and their own variations from that perfect model should be in considerable detail. They then need to explain, again for each weakness, and again in detail, how the perfect action affected the elite player’s performance and what was it about the skill performance that made it so good.Tactics and strategies (AA3) do include playing formations and attacking and defensive patterns, but they also include instantaneous decision-making as well as pre-planned decisions.Where there sports cannot be assessed in College, outside coaches may be asked to carry out the assessment.During the EMT class, the student will be placed in appropriate work settings that will give them practical experience in the hospital (8-16 hours), and in the field riding on an ambulance (20-24 hours).They also need to state the name of the elite performer and the date and time of the perfect performance of the specific skill (this could be ‘made up’! In their analysis, candidates should talk primarily about the movements involved, including placement of hands/feet (use estimates of distances), angles of joints (estimate), the movements involved (use correct anatomical terms).Practical assessment makes up the remaining 30% (this is split between coursework and practical assessment in one sport).Often an image of the perfect model can be found on the web, and this provides a good starting point for many skill descriptions.EMTs bring expert medical care to victims of illness or injury by stabilizing medical problems and commonly transporting patients to the hospital for more advanced medical care.Taking the Chabot college Health 85 class does not recertify an EMT, it only provides continuing education hours and skills competency verification documentation for the EMT to complete re-certification through their EMS Agency.Links with Sports Academy: This course is linked to our Sports Academy.You will take written exams at the end of both years.For any fee-related queries or further information, please contact the Advice and Recruitment Team on 01392 400444.You will be expected to participate in all aspects of the course which will link practical and theoretical elements.Lectures will involve both theory and practical work based on the themes above.Better students should be able to even start writing about the tactical weaknesses/perfect models.This is a template booklet that you can use for your pupils to complete their coursework in.Do not get the background check before you start the course.Students must show proof of having started the Hepatitis B vaccination series by the third class coursework a levelThere will also be follow-up discussions of the work experience.This further education course is free for all 16-18 year olds who are resident in the UK and the European Economic Area for the last 3 years.Different performers can be used for each perfect model, so using John Terry for perfect defensive heading and Wayne Rooney for perfect long-range shooting is fine.It is best to use headings for each aspect of the analysis that they produce – area of assessment; type /description of weakness; name of elite performer performing the perfect model/action.They then need to identify why they made this mistake; what did they do wrong!Work experience time will be scheduled after the midterm week of class and will be completed before the conclusion of the course.This is another area where they made need help in understanding the requirements in simpler terms.An Emergency Medical Technician often works as a first responder at emergency incidents.These hours do not include your work experience time.For athletic activities the three areas are the first event (AA1), the second event (AA2) and tactics (AA3).The larger the proportion of this part of the coursework that can be completed prior to the students returning in September the better.In most centres, the return of AS students following their exams means that you have four weeks or so of time to fill.In summary, the student uses their knowledge to identify two weaknesses from each of the three areas of assessment, making a total of six weaknesses in all (B1).Hepatitis B vaccination series - consists of three separate immunizations (3 shots): the first shot, the second shot (given 1 month after the first shot), and the third shot (given 5 months after the second shot).Regular participation in sport at a good standard is important. Local facilities such as our own Central Fitness gym, the new Exwick Pavllion and Exeter University may be utilised in addition to our sports hall.: If you do not provide proof of immunizations you may lose your seat in the course even if you have enrolled prior to the first class session.The EMS 2W class is a one-day Saturday class that meets for 8 hours.We provide you with the necessary coursework and information regarding applying for certification. An EMT certificate is good statewide, and certification can be completed through any California Local EMS Agency.Emergency medical care provided by EMTs may involve control of bleeding, application of bandages and/or splints, administration of oxygen, resuscitation of persons in cardiac or respiratory arrest, treatment of shock, assistance in childbirth, control of mentally disturbed persons, treatment of poisoning or burn victims, or assistance in evacuation.EMS 1 (First Responder) or EMS 61 (Emergency Medical Responder - Las Positas College) AND a valid CPR certification/card (Health Care Provider level CPR). pe coursework a level Many students initially find it difficult to identify ‘weaknesses’.The EMT course at Chabot (EMS 2) meets every Wednesday during the semester for a total of 17 hour session.They need to research each perfect model and analyse its performance in terms of ‘preparation’, ‘action’, ‘follow-through’ and ‘result’, or the equivalent phases of skill performance.The perfect model here is the decision for example, to pass to the open player rather than the marked player.Again each weakness/perfect performance needs to be applied to the performance suggesting how it impacts on the performance.Note: 2 year course no option to drop after year 1.The majority work on ambulances and in the fire departments, but some may find seasonal work in forest fire fighting services, parks and recreation areas, and amusement parks. There will be a continued need for Emergency Medical Technicians because of growing public awareness of the importance of pre-hospital care.Some students find this comparison easier as a direct comparison, using two columns for example, to highlight what they do as compared to what the elite performer does.(You still must have a current CPR certificate) Supporting documentation of experience must be provided prior to the first class session for approval.Medical experience determined to be an acceptable substitute, as determined by the EMT Program Director.Officials perform less movement skills and so tend to analyse their mistakes based on incorrect decision-making, which although appropriate, makes it difficult to provide suitable causes and corrective measures.The majority of students also find it easier to describe the perfect/performance model of a skill (B2) before identifying/describing their own weakness (B1).Standard entry requirements for advanced courses are 8 GCSEs: English Language and Maths grade 4 or above, PE grade 5 or additional sciences grade 5 or above.Section B and C is much easier to complete for the performer and coach, but quite difficult for the official, as much of the analysis and the ideas mentioned below are usually based on movements/skills that are performed incorrectly.You can access facilities such as the Exeter University rubber crumb, water based astro, tennis and cricket centre, St Luke’s swimming pool, Exeter Arena Athletics Track, all support your practical assessment, and delivery of some A Level theoretical topics.I think that this is a good time to begin the AQA coursework, essentially sections B and C.Chabot College does not certify a student to be an EMT.This can usually be solved by asking them if they have ever made a ‘mistake’ when performing. A mistake is not performing properly/well, and is therefore a weakness.Most students should be encouraged to complete at least four perfect models (B2) and four weaknesses (B1).Emergency Medical Technicians may work for fire departments, hospitals, private ambulance companies, police departments and in private industry. pe coursework a level Advancement can be made to Paramedic, Nursing, and similar fields.Completion of a criminal and sex offender records checks via will be required by the Chabot College EMT program.Work experience times will be scheduled in class after the beginning of the EMS 2 course.Sports Academy activities are carried out in addition to AS/A Level programmes.They provide documented evidence of having successfully completed an EMS training program of the Armed Forces including the Coast Guard of the United States within the preceding 2 years that meets the Department of Transportation (DOT) EMT-l standard curriculum.Even better is a sequence of images that show the whole skill performance.Acceptance into the program is at the sole discretion of the course director.3.The Health 85 class meets all hours and testing requirements to re-certify.The requirement of this written coursework is for the performer/official to analyse their own performance, and for the coach to analyse a named performer.Again as much detail as possible needs to be included in the description of the circumstances of the two weaknesses (B1) and the two perfect performances (B2).Quite often, students find it easier to ‘invent’ the occurrence of this mistake.There’ll be free resources, events and practical guidance to support you with planning, teaching and preparing your students for assessment.Text boxes can be sized according to how much the pupil has written.Most fire departments are now requiring this training and certification as a minimum requirement for either employment or continued employment.Directions will be provided in class on where and how to proceed and complete the background checks.Emergency Medical Technicians must be able to give and receive verbal and written instructions quickly and clearly, remain calm in emergencies, and maintain a neat, clean appearance.(You must be under 19 on 31st August in the calendar year that you start your course).Please provide copies of all your documents, we do not accept originals.At the end of each section it has the grading descriptors and boxes for you give the level and mark they have achieved.The activity list and the practical weighting will be the same across all exam boards, but we’ve worked hard to ensure that our new specification is engaging and our assessment clearer. pe coursework a level This description of the various perfect models and their own variations from that perfect model should be in considerable detail. They then need to explain, again for each weakness, and again in detail, how the perfect action affected the elite player’s performance and what was it about the skill performance that made it so good. pe coursework a level

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