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cry freedom movie essaysCry freedom movie essays -Moreover it tells the story of the growing friendship between two men different in race, standard of living and at first even world view. When I was a student, trying to qualify for the jobs you people will let us have,... I suddenly realised it wasn't just good jobs that were white. So Woods flees to the minister of police, an old friend of him, to speak to him about the incident.At the beginning he is still against the black population, but his sense for justice forces him to write objective articles too, although they are prohibited. Look, I'm not defending what's been done, but he's the one who's against liberals. You must remember, before you arrived we had our own culture. There Lieutnant Beukes reads from a warrent to Woods that he becomes a banning person. The only history we read was made by the white man, written by the white man. If you get caught out of your banning area, well... This is the English-language service of Radio South Africa. Police raided Crossroads, the illegal township near Cape Town this morning, after warning the squatters to vacate the area in the interests of public health. I've stuck my neck out on this paper to take a stand against white prejudice. They go there in an old black taxi which is only for black people.The funeral is in the stadium and when Woods and his wife arrive thousands of black people with pictures of Biko are there. Mapetla will occupy the system for a few minutes, I'll slip out, Thabo will sit in my seat. Donald realised how faulty the Afrikaan government was after visiting with Captain... All he might have to do is write a letter to his board of directors. You tell David he promised to finish that table today. do survive, you grow up in these streets, these houses. Because no matter how dumb or smart a white child is, he's born into that world. A black doctor and friend to Steve Biko, Ms Rampele, confronted Woods about this.There would come more black people but the police sent them back.In the course Mapetla and Tenjy, the two black reporters, are arrested and at least murdered by policemen.He advocates the non-violent fight for liberty, however he is prosecuted by the police and called the "Black racist" by his enemies. Its about the resistance of the blacks to the apartheid legacy in South Africa in the late seventies.cry freedom movie essaysAuthor: John Briley was born in Kalmzooo, Michigan. Date of publication: 1987 Characters: Donald Woods: he is a white man in his middle ages and is married with five children.During one of the first illegal outings Steve took Donald on, Steve told Donald in a light-hearted tome that someday the tables would be turned and that one day blacks will hold government over that Afrikaans but they would do it differently. Some local money from the community, a lot of church money from overseas, and even the mining companies. If you were the honest newsman you claim to be, you ought to go and see him. In the plain Woods looks out of the window and in his mind he hears the crowd of thousands singing at Biko`s funeral. Philipp Pavelka Wenn du dieses Dokument verwendest, zitiere es bitte als: "Cry Freedom by John Briley",, Abgerufen Uhr Es handelt sich hier um einen fremden, nutzergenerierten Inhalt fr den keine Haftung bernommen wird.Woods wants that other newspapers write about Biko`s death but they are afraid because it is very dangerous. On the airport two soldiers stopp Woods and bring him in an office. Oh, he's just a little rascal like his father, and even more trouble. Biko couldn't have been there of course, but, one of his people, mouthing off about black consciousness,... One day after Bikos death Ntsiki Woods, the wife of Biko, and Ken, the photograf of Daily Dispatch go to the mortuary. We grow most of our own food here, for the patients and some of the staff. That the black man had to believe he had as much capacity to be a doctor, a leader, as a white man. My own mistake was to put some of those ideas down on paper. And the fighting liberal editor started attacking me. The editor of Daily Dispatch Donald Woods gets photos of the raid and he decides to print them although the government doesn`t allow to print such photos. The next day Dr Mamphela Ramphele, a close friend of Biko, enters Donald's office and orders Donald to visit Biko because she doesnt approve to the article.Biko is a serious, well educated man who is the founder and leader of the South African "Black Consciousness" movement. No, you won't get caught, if some paid informer doesn't run to the police. As a liberal, if you had your way, you'd be riding buses and taxis, just like us. Most of the women who have work permits are domestic maids,... Some white students see how Woods sings and they come to him and ask him if he understands these African words and he starts to sing in English.When a time came and he had to write an article for his newspaper, he just assumed what Steve would say. Your parents try, but in the end, you only get the education the white man will give you. see their streets, their cars, their houses, and you begin to feel there is something not quite right about yourself,... It was a collective idea, but we were lucky to have her. No, because if the people know they have him, then they have to be more careful about how they treat him. A clinic for black people, staffed by black people, run by a black doctor. And a white liberal doctor doing the same thing wouldn't serve your purpose? A white South African, 41 years old, a newspaper man. cry freedom movie essays After obtaining a BA and MA from the University of Michigan, he studied for a Ph D in Elizabethan Drama at the University of Birmingham. Donald is the editor of the newspaper "Daily Dispatch" and was formerly trained as a lawyer. One bunch of lunatics saying white supremacy justifies anything, all we need is some black nutcase saying black supremacy's going to save the world. She told him that if he is the honest editor he claims to be, he should meet and get to know Steve and his cause before spreading vicious rumours in his newspaper. Apparently, someone important heard him make a speech that impressed him. You tell me my days of white privilege are numbered, so I'll enjoy them while I can. ..they only get to see their kids for a couple of hours on Sundays. ...people so desperate for anything they'll beat a kid bloody if he had five rand. The family gets passports from the United Nations and flies away. Now I know I little more about the political situation in South-Africa. If the police in Cape Town had taken him, that lot would be the first to know. He was with Peter Jones, and Peter has no pass problem. And the system, the police, are just across the road. No, I think your ideas are dangerous, but, no, I don't approve of banning. It's not a title I'm ashamed of, though I know you regard it with some contempt. ..clings to all the advantages of his white world; jobs, housing, education... ..perhaps not best qualified to tell blacks how they should react to apartheid. Biko, if you were the one who had the job, the house and the Mercedes, and the whites lived in townships. He is brought to the police station, where gets beaten by Captain De Wet.He thought he was "some sensationalist pushing black prejudice". But if you think that means I'll go soft, on some sensationalist pushing black prejudice, well, you've brought your complaint to the wrong man. A main character in the film 'Cry Freedom' directed and produced by Richard Attenborough was Donald Woods. They put me away, yours'll be the first name on my lips. However the police deny responsibility and declare Woods banned.From this time on Donald is kept under surveillance and his relatives and friends are attacked several times. I would have met you in the church, but, as you know, I can only be with one person at a time. In the Radio they say that illegal settlers were sent back to their respective Homelands and that there was no resistance.They would accept the Afrikaans and forgive them for their past. If the police had got Steve, especially with the posters in the car and everything,... Donald Woods is a 41-year-old white Afrikaan editor. They all live together in a huge mansion with a pool in the yard. He has greying hair, glasses and a cheerful personality. At the beginning Donald Woods was blind and ignorant to what Stephen Biko, black political leader, was about. cry freedom movie essays There he wrote for television and films for MGM, UK. He gets to know Biko not really voluntary but this event changed his philosophy of life completely.Against all warnings Biko drives to Cape Town to take part in an assembly of the "Black Consciousness" movement.In revenge two policemen enter the church in the night and smash all things of value.Some days later Woods meets Stephan Biko in an old church were he wants to make a centre for black people. Steve Biko is one of the few people who can still save South Africa. ..his father died, and when he was 17 he was taken into a mission school. ..of these guys, they're living in a bed out there on their own. A man and wife who can't find work in the same white town, are not allowed to live together in the same black township. ..that for thousands of husbands and wives, if they see each other once a year, they're lucky. This led Donald Woods to become close friends with Steve Biko and a respected man among Black Consciousness members. Not just about Black Conscious and the rights that had been stolen from the black natives of South Africa, but about living peacefully. I've read this paper long enough to know you're not one of the worst, so, it's all the more baffling, that you would try to pass this vicious fiction off as reasoned fact. Biko is building a wall of black hatred in South Africa,... What you do in that chair is put words in his mouth. Through various discussions with Biko he lives through a personal development and becomes a passionate fighter for liberation.He is taken to a police hospital which is thousand kilometres away - lying naked on a blank in a car.The story begins with a police raid in a black shantytown of Crossroads outside Cape Town in November 1975.In the black township they eat with a black family and Biko tells Woods about the history how the white came to South Africa and how the black people got their bad situation which they have now. You see, we're trying to make a kind of community centre, where black people can meet, maybe have classes. Woods says that he would fight him as long as he sits in his chair. But I was one of two, to be granted a scholarship to Natal Medical School. ...a token of your white paternalistic concern, for the natives of this land. Six days later a doctor visits Biko because of his life threatening injuries which he has obviously got from the treating of the police. Televisions, cars, medicines, all invented by the white man. Now, in a world like that, it's not hard to believe there's something inferior about being born black. But I began to think this idea of inferiority was an even bigger problem for us than what the Afrikaners were doing to us. Everywhere are pictures of Steve Biko and the words Black Consciousness. The police punches them, chases them with dogs and they are also using tear gas.After a speach the crowd begin to sing the African Song which Steven Biko loved. cry freedom movie essays So Woods flees to the minister of police, an old friend of him, to speak to him about the incident. cry freedom movie essays

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