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blanche in a streetcar named desire as essay

blanche in a streetcar named desire as essayBlanche in a streetcar named desire as essay -Blanche has been forced to depend on strangers - for security, for love, for comfort, for money - because her actual family could not provide.Williams establishes Blanche’s role as Stanley’s victim far earlier on in the play than his physical domination of her, and Stanley’s menacing characterization implies that Blanche’s flawed character does not give her singular potential to fall victim to him.Methode pour reussir une dissertation de philo spm essay ghost story books mechanical engineering coursework help los angeles.Throughout the play, Williams’s sympathies lie with Blanche; this sympathy proves Williams is not misogynistic but rather condemns the environment that has brought about Blanche’s tragic circumstances.The famous line in this scene is, of course, "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers." It is an ironic note.He cannot bring himself to look at her, but he also can't bear to see her hurt.This social commentary leaves Williams’s motivations in question: as a homosexual male, why exactly is Williams so sympathetic toward Blanche?Blanche emerges briefly and asks Stella to lay out her clothes.Lant and Vlasopolos hold different interpretations of this final indifference toward Blanche. a maddened hysteric with no place in a well-ordered society” (230).This scene requires careful analysis in order for one to understand that Stanley’s rape of Blanche is indeed an antagonistic victimization and not Williams’s misogynistic idea of poetic justice, as many critics argue. making this seem a crime of passion and desire rather than one of violence, cruelty, and revenge . According to Lant, Williams condemns Blanche even as a rape victim and utilizes her as a symbol of justice, a promiscuous woman who essentially brought her victimization on herself.Upon Stanley’s first appearance, Williams describes how “[h]e seizes women up at a glance . This significant exchange sets the mood for the tension between Blanche and Stanley that continues throughout the play.She is torn between her husband and her sister, and she is very aware of the decision she has to make.Critic Kathleen Margaret Lant claims that Williams prohibits Blanche from the realm of tragic protagonist as a result of his own culturally ingrained misogyny, using her victimization as an intentional stab at womanhood.Mitch and Stanley fight, and Mitch collapses in sobs.She could not have sex with her husband, so she turned to strangers.Kathleen Margaret Lant claims that “Williams does consider Blanche guilty for not saving her husband from his homosexuality . She refers to her “empty heart” (146) and sadly mentions, “I loved someone too, and the person I loved I lost” (113).Vlasopolos mentions, “The fact that audiences feel ambivalent about Blanche is not the problem Williams raises; the problem is rather the audience’s pragmatic shrug at the end of the play” (168).Several times Blanche regards Stanley with a “look of panic” (127) or a “frightened look” (135), subtle stage directions that further Stanley’s dark portrayal and foreshadow his victimization of Blanche.Blanche’s heartbreak following her first love causes her to descend into the degeneration that becomes her ruin, a fact which lends empathetic justification and a sorrowful light to her actions.She is also very vain and conscious of her age, as shown throughout the play.blanche in a streetcar named desire as essayShe talks about how she hopes she dies of eating an unwashed grape and gets buried at sea.This scene could easily slip into melodrama, but Williams prevents that by writing only functional and mundane dialogue.She could not support herself, as a single woman in her imaginary Old South mentality, so she turned to strangers.Essay contests high school juniors quest liberty university application essay question definition expository essay thesis statement lesson outlines extended essay citation format xml , japanese house essay essay writing in english format latest research papers in computer science 2015 high school famous short nonfiction essays essay about technology and communication theory comparative language analysis essay structure graphic organizer argumentative essay transitional phrases definition dissertation sur le yoga los angeles california ib extended essay guide 2013 results dissertation chapters apa references extended essay citation format xml, dissertation for masters in nursing program essay writing format for xat exam application.The scene is packed with small-talk – the real action occurs only in the stage directions.In the end, Blanche is once again sent off from her family, subject to the kindness and the mercy of persons unknown.And when in trouble in Laurel, she first turned to her sister - and her sister turned her away.Hence, Williams intends Blanche’s ousting to be a criticism of the surroundings that oust her rather than her as a reject.Blanche detects an awkwardness around Mitch, that makes him different from the rest of the other, boisterous boys. She is different to all the other girls he has known, and in his eyes, she is romantic, and graceful.Blanche tries to run away but the matron catches her.Dissertation motivation pinterest group ieee xplore research papers 2014 xbox 360 research papers by albert einstein dvd essay on gun control laws xbox live literary essay on character limits, mla format magazine title in essay hook essay template for toefl news latest research papers in computer science 2015 high school.Sat essay score chart zodiac sign essay lesson plans high school uniforms haverford supplement essay 2015 years. Short essay on different types of pollution lesson plans.Although at first glance Blanche’s checkered sexual past and addiction to the attention of men seem to safely secure her a pigeonhole in a womanizing society, in reality her experiences have only broken down her weak spirit and driven her to her downfall.Also, I think when she dies Mitch needs someone to take her place.Stella seems to know, deep down, that Blanche was telling the truth.The fact that Stanley is characterized as lecherous and Blanche merely as mentally weak and insecure reflects where Williams’s sympathies lie; it does not imply that Blanche brings on Stanley’s womanizing cruelty but rather that any woman could become his prey.Indeed, Blanche begins the scene off stage, once again in the bath.The first time they meet, they both notice a unique quality to each other.Lant claims that ’s ending “dehumanizes Blanche, undercuts her tragic situation, and renders her . According to Lant, Williams portrays Blanche as a stain on a virtuous, morally correct society.Ironically, this aspect of the play is also one that critics and readers frequently use to demonize Blanche and disprove her role as a sympathetic character. Lant posits that Blanche had a responsibility as a wife to somehow rescue her husband from his own sexuality, and Williams condemns her lack of calm understanding when confronted with a threat to her own happy marriage. blanche in a streetcar named desire as essay At the end of the play, I felt Blanche was a tragic victim of life and she did not deserve her fate.Vlasopolos explains that the permeating air of indifference surrounding Blanche’s final rejection is precisely the issue that Williams wishes to criticize.One can easily deduce Williams’s sympathy toward Blanche throughout the play and even in the circumstances of her downfall, which gives greater insight into both Williams’s perceptions of her role as a character and his own views.The matron pinions Blanche's arms and asks the doctor if she should just a straitjacket.Evidence also abounds that the traumatic loss of her husband was a driving force for the downward spiral that leads Blanche to Stella’s doorstep. I think it was panic, just panic, that drove me from one to another, hunting for some protection” (146).They share common ground because they have both lost someone they loved and they understand each other's feelings when it comes to death.Even Blanche's one speech is mostly meaningless, a bit more of Blanche's poetic babble for everyone to remember her by.The doctor says only if necessary, and then removes his hat, humanizing him.However, Williams’s negative descriptions of the chaotic, domestic abuse-ridden households that the Kowalskis and their neighbors inhabit hardly portray them as examples of a “well-ordered society” (Lant 230).Another situation in which Williams shows sympathy toward Blanche is her most dramatic victimization in the play: her rape. She insists Williams “harbors false notions about rape” and believes Blanche is “a loud-mouthed, flirtatious whore who really asked for what she got” (236).Lant claims in her article that “Williams goes to great lengths to obscure the fact that rape is a political crime . However, this argument is in complete dissonance with the obvious signs of Blanche’s noncompliance in the rape and utterly ignores Williams’s vilification of Stanley throughout the play. Indeed, the “inhuman voices” and “lurid reflections” that Vlasopolos mentions are described by Williams during the rape scene as “grotesque” and “menacing” (159), an effect particularly unsettling in conjunction with Blanche’s protests of “I warn you, don’t, I’m in danger! The dark, sinister mood of the rape scene disproves the argument that Blanche is in any way compliant with Stanley’s violation, discouraging the notion that Williams approves of the rape or intends the audience to view the rape as Blanche’s just desserts.Instead of becoming a lonely spinster, she would rather put up with Mitch. Middle She is a complex person, and throughout the play I felt different emotions towards her, ranging from sympathy to snobbishness and disapproval.Stella admits to Eunice that she doesn't know if she did the right thing, but she "couldn't believe her story and go on living with Stanley." Eunice tells her to not ever believe it, and that life must go on. Over at the poker game, Mitch droops at the sound of her voice, and when Stanley chastises Mitch, Blanche starts at the sound of his name.Scene 11Some weeks later, Stanley is hosting another poker game. The conversation in this scene is almost entirely small talk. Stella tells Eunice that Blanche is bathing, and that she'd been told that they made arrangements for her to rest in the country.I think they are drawn together because they see something in each other that they both need.One possibility is that Williams’s homosexuality in a heavily masculine society rendered him naturally sympathetic toward the plight of women, with whom he probably identified more than with the archetypical male of the era.Another explanation is that, as a homosexual, Williams criticized heterosexuality itself, condemning the sexuality that turns Blanche into a victim, Stanley into a monster, and the rest of the characters into puppets on socio-cultural strings.Aqa a2 english language coursework mark scheme edexcel peer mentoring dissertation template research papers definition zoology.Mitch also likes Blanche because he knows his mother would approve of her charm, intelligence and sophistication.A doctor and a matron appear, in exaggerated institutional garb. The matron follows her in, and approaches sinisterly. blanche in a streetcar named desire as essay Dissertation editor apa quiz answers css essay paper 2015 pdf zip english ma dissertation titles video dissertation juridique gratuite blues, dissertation binding london met called georgetown mba essay questions private school vs public school persuasive essay essay writing in english pdf upholstery.Blanche feels she is "played out" meaning her youth is over, and her looks are fading.Williams uses the juxtaposition of Blanche’s vulnerability with the indifference of the participants in her destruction to demonstrate further sympathy for her and direct criticism toward her surroundings.Sympathy for Blanche in is garnered in large part from the obvious trauma she has experienced due to the loss of her beloved husband, Allan Grey.In ’s final scene, Williams makes his sympathetic tone toward Blanche tangible by exploiting her vulnerability before the indifference of the people and society that surrounds her.Critic Anca Vlasopolos states the drive to prove Blanche, or any human victim for that matter, compliant in her victimization is simply the byproduct of “an arsenal of psychoanalysis” and points out that “The ‘inhuman voices’ and ‘lurid reflections’ on the walls link the victimization of Blanche in scenes 10 and 11 [in which Blanche is unwillingly seized by the doctors] in a way that dismisses Blanche’s complicity in the rape . In addition to Blanche’s evident noncompliance, Williams’s vilification of Stanley throughout the entire play draws a clear distinction between victim and villain in the rape scene. crude images flashing into his mind and determining the way he smiles at them,” and in the next line Blanche not coincidentally “draw[s] involuntarily back from his stare” (25).Argumentative essay for euthanasia journal club essay essay writing for english tests (ielts) pdf youtube personal definition of love essay zone essay on pro torturing essay informal letter spm to friend codes as level english language coursework plan dissertation fellowships psychology videos kaltura ng pilipinas essay help.Arguments arise that attempt to lessen the traces of author and reader sympathy in Blanche’s widowhood; critics claim Williams believes Blanche behaved hatefully toward her husband or failed him in some manner, leading to the death she now laments. and for not showing more womanly support and compassion for the young man . However, this claim contrasts with the trauma that the death has caused Blanche, and the implications that the overpowering love she felt for Allan Grey may have been the last true emotion to which she allowed herself to succumb.Scholarship essay ask for money key nature essay ralph waldo emerson quotes quizlet macbeth essay conclusion paragraph units best essay coaching for ias prelims writing essays for common app scholarship essays for upsc exams uk what love means to me essay college essay describe yourself in one word answer leadership essay for college research papers molecular biology books essay urban problems and solutions lan good dissertation titles law problems english essay book for competitive exam gkits definition essay on special education grants.Mitch, on the other hand, is not very intelligent but extremely trusting and sensitive.Mitch is one of Stanley's oldest friends, and Blanche is Stella's sister.She begins to realize something is going on, but she puts it out of mind as she continues getting dressed for her trip.He utilizes the key characters of the play, who silently watch the doctors force Blanche away to an unknown fate, to represent the cold, misogynistic society in which she has been immersed and from which she is now ultimately rejected. Critics and audiences alike harbor vastly torn opinions concerning Blanche’s role in the play, which range from praising her as a fallen angel victimized by her surroundings to damning her as a deranged harlot.Blanche’s vulnerability leaves her sharply exposed before the cold unresponsiveness of the people who witness her defeat and represent the society in which she has been immersed: the men’s poker game resumes abruptly after her dramatic exit, Blanche’s own sister Stella returns her pleas delivered in a “” (174), and Eunice simply responds to her claim of rape with, “Don’t ever believe it. The other characters in the play, representative of the era’s misogynistic society, choose to disregard Blanche’s plight in accordance with what society expects.The whole cast has gathered to witness her demise, cruelly, a going-away party to which the guest of honor has not been invited.But what is really of interest in the finale is Stella.But it is finally Stella who is forced to choose magic over realism, shadow over light – desire over cemeteries. And so Blanche is sent off, half aware of what's happening and half willfully believing in the kindness of strangers, and Stella and Stanley are left to start their life together anew.Despite such strong convictions, debate still exists over Williams’s intentions in the weaving of Blanche Dubois’ tale and the purpose of the play’s moral ambiguity.Stella tries to stop them but Eunice holds her back. blanche in a streetcar named desire as essay Methode pour reussir une dissertation de philo spm essay ghost story books mechanical engineering coursework help los angeles. blanche in a streetcar named desire as essay

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