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antigone character analysis essayAntigone character analysis essay -A tragic hero is a character who is known for being dignified and has a flaw that assists to his or her downfall.[tags: Antigone essays] - Creon As The Tragic Hero Of Antigone by Sophocles Greek tragedy would not be complete with out a tragic hero.Aristotle’s definition of tragedy is: “Tragedy is a story taking the hero from happiness to misery because of a fatal flaw or mistake on his part....I would like to start off by saying that it will be extremely difficult for me to have the passion that I usually have because of my client.Antigone includes many themes such as Freedom, Protection of Personal Dignity, Obedience to Civil Law, Protection of Community/Nation, Loyalty/Obligation to Family, and Observance of Religious Law.In fact, Aristotle had Oedipus specifically in mind when he first set down the requirements for tragedy in his Poetics.[tags: Greek Tragedy, Character Analysis] - In the Greek tragedy Antigone, the characters Antigone and Creon can both be thought of as the tragic hero of the play.Creon evolves a lot in this story and even though it ends tragically, he becomes a better person by the end....In order to determine whether Antigone is the tragic hero, one will have to answer the question, what is a tragic hero....[tags: essays research papers] - A tragic hero is a character in a play that is known for being dignified but has a flaw that assists in his or her downfall.These include being extraordinary, having good and bad sides, a tragic flaw, becoming aware of his mistakes and failing miserably in the end.Antigone is a Greek tragic piece written by Sophocles.In Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone follows her own beliefs by giving her brother a proper burial, even if she has to break the law of King Creon.Creon possesses some of these qualities but, does not completely fulfill them all....Some believe that it is Creon because he also has the characteristics of a tragic hero.Examining the factors that create a Greek Tragedy, and a tragic character, it is clear that the tragic hero is in fact Creon.But in actuality, Creon, not Antigone, is the tragic hero.This brings up many characteristics that are shown within her that are also seen in other heroes....These two characters are King Creon and Antigone....Unlike Antigone, Ismene says “And break the law, our death will be more shameful even then theirs” (pg.5 line 60)....antigone character analysis essayAs it is the way of the gods Antigone found it fit to bury her brother causing her to disobey the law of Thebes....One Greek tragedy that involves a tragic hero is Sophocles’ Antigone which portrays two characters who strive for what they believe in, either state law or divine law, which leads to their demise.She buries her brother without worrying what might happen to her.Antigone is the perfect hero, to exemplify the meaning of a tragic hero.However, evidence supports that Creon, and not Antigone, is the tragic hero of the play.It may be argued, however, that Creon, not Antigone, is the tragic character.The belief that Antigone is the hero is a tough one.Others believe that it is Antigone because the play bears her name.[tags: Tragic Heroes, Antigone, ] - Antigone: A Tragic Hero Heroes come in many forms.There is still a great debate on who is the true tragic hero in Sophocles' Antigone, Creon or Antigone.The qualities that constitute a tragic hero are, in no particular order, having a high social position, not being overly good or bad, isolation, being tenacious in their actions, arousing pity in the audience, a revelatory manifestation, and having a single flaw that brings about their own demise and the demise of others around them.When we examine the nature and concept of the Greek Tragedy and what it means to be a tragic character, it becomes clear that Creon is indeed the tragic hero of the play Antigone....Creon is the tragic hero of the play Antigone, because of his superiority in his society, his nobility, and his tragic flaw, self-pride....King Kreon is the tragic hero in Antigone because he is the main character and he is opposed by an antagonist, Antigone, who disobeys Kreon’s decree to not bury Polynices’ body....Based on Aristotle’s definition, Creon is the tragic hero of Antigone. Creon is not completely good nor completely bad; he is somewhere in-between, as humans are....[tags: Sophocles Antigone ] - Everyone agrees that Oedipus is the quintessential Greek tragic hero.[tags: Antigone] - In the play, Antigone, by Sophocles, there is a character, King Kreon, who is portrayed as the tragic hero, or protagonist.[tags: Flaws, Pride] - The Tragic Hero in Antigone Antigone is a Greek tragic piece that stresses the use of power and morality versus the law written by Sophocles.[tags: Antigone essays] - Creon is the Tragic Hero of Antigone Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am here today to argue the title of tragic hero in the play Antigone by Sophocles.Throughout his journey he displays the characteristics of Aristotle; tragic hero. antigone character analysis essay Although the character reaches a level of insight, a tragic flaw, such as hamartia, leads to their failure in the end.[tags: Antigone essays] - Creon is the Tragic Hero of Antigone When the title of a play is a character's name, it is normally assumed that the character is the protagonist of the play.[tags: Antigone, heroes, Sophocles, ] - Antigone as a tragic hero The debate over who is the tragic hero in Antigone is unanswered.She would seem to fit the part in light of the fact that she dies for doing what she believes is right.When the king Creon ordered that the body of Polyneices, Antigone's brother, be left to rot unburied because he had died as a traitor, she tried to buried him even she knew that she would be punished....In my opinion, Creon best qualifies for being the tragic hero and fitting the definition read in the previous sentence.A perfect example of this can be found in Sophocles’ trilogy, The Theban Plays which follows the struggling city of Thebes and the efforts of its rulers to escape their misfortune....Though Antigone does show some of these characteristics of a tragic hero, Creon demonstrates the attributes more clearly and concisely.[tags: essays papers] - A Tragic Hero A tragic hero is a character who makes an error of judgment or has a fatal flaw, which combined with fate, results into a tragedy.Some such as immense in size and strength as Hercules, some in the form of people that are shunned upon, such as Harriet Tubman, and some that are only valorous heroes to some, such as Kurt Cobain.Moreover this character may also experience peripeteia, anagnorisis, and of course, a terrible ending (“Tragic Hero as Defined by Aristotle”).Creon fits Aristotle’s tragic hero traits as a significant person who is faced with difficult decisions. [tags: Greek Sophocles Antigone Essays] - Creon as Tragic Hero of Sophocles' Antigone There has always been a bit of confusion as to the tragic hero of the Greek Drama Antigone.According to Aristotle's Poetics, there are four major traits, which are required of the tragic character.[tags: Antigone essays] - Creon - The Tragic Hero in Antigone There is still a great debate on who is, in fact, the tragic hero in Sophocles’ Antigone.In Sophocles' Antigone the hero is a women that believes in her heart far stronger than that of her leader's rule.Many of the Greek tragedies that have been written include a tragic hero that has his/her tragic flaw.To identify the tragic hero in Sophocles’ renowned play “Antigone”, we should first consider both the elements present in Greek tragedies and what characteristics define a tragic hero.For example, in the play Antigone, the reader may have some difficulty deciding who the tragic hero is.[tags: Antigone essays] - Creon as the Tragic Hero in Antigone This essay will compare two of the characters in “Antigone”, Antigone and Creon, in an effort to determine the identity of the tragic hero in this tale.The character must be a good and upstanding person. [tags: Antigone essays] - In Greek tragedies, tragedians always establish a tragic hero who descends from grace due to a fatal flaw as well as someone who is of nobility. antigone character analysis essay In order to determine whether or not Creon is the tragic hero, one will first have to answer the question, “What is a tragic hero?[tags: essays research papers] - What makes a hero.[tags: essays research papers] - Antigone is a Tragic Hero A subject of debate in Sophocles’ play Antigone is which character complies with the characteristics of a tragic hero.However, in other Greek tragedies, the tragic hero isn’t always so easy to identify.A tragic hero is the main character with tragic flaw, or a defect that leads to their downfall and the character is usually of high status.Antigone is widely thought of as the tragic hero of the play bearing her name.Because of her innocent actions, Antigone is punished unjustly and unfairly....In Antigone there are two main characters; Creon, the tyrant king of Thebes, and Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta....” Aristotle, when discussing the nature of such a hero in his theory of drama, states that such a hero is neither purely innocent nor purely evil....[tags: Character Analysis, Greek, Classics] - The Tragic Hero of Antigone In Sophocles' Antigone, the question of who the tragic hero actually is has been the subject of a debate for years.Nevertheless, a careful examination of the facts reveals that Antigone is the true tragic heroine because she’s brave, flawed, and noble....This is because Antigone is an outstanding example of someone who did what she thought was right, while she was among fools, many hardships, and people who were discouragingly uncourageous.In the theatrical production the use of power and morality versus law is evident.These heroes have many characteristics that make people flock to their side and follow them without a thought of hesitation.[tags: Greek Tragedy, Character Analysis] - Has your pride ever stopped you from doing something. The king Creon indirectly kills his whole family by being stubborn and not listening to others opinions.In every Greek tragedy, there is the tragic hero, defined by Aristotle as a character who is an extraordinary person, with both good and bad qualities.Creon took the throne after a tragic quarrel between his two nephews, Eteocles and Polyneices.It is unlikely for there to be two tragic characters in a Greek tragedy, and there can be only one in the play Antigone.In our society, a hero is thought of as a tall man who wears a cape and has super powers, but to the Greeks, it was very different.Antigone, however, contains all of the aspects that are required for her to be the main character. antigone character analysis essay Aristotle’s definition of tragedy is: “Tragedy is a story taking the hero from happiness to misery because of a fatal flaw or mistake on his part.... antigone character analysis essay

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